• Norman Public Schools supports a positive school climate conducive to teaching and learning that is free from threat, harassment, and all types of bullying.  It is the policy of NPS to prohibit all bullying of any person at school. Prohibited conduct includes incidents of bullying instigated by the use of electronic communication specifically directed at students and/or school personnel. This policy extends to all schools that comprise the District. Bullying is anti-social behavior on school premises that distracts both the victim and the person bullying another.  Bullying a student based on their race, color, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion or any other personal characteristic is grounds for disciplinary action. 70 Okla. State. Sec. 24-100.3.

    Steps for Reporting Bullying:

    • Incidents of bullying shall be reported on the "Student Incident Form" which shall be made available to students at all times during regular school hours, including in the main/front office of the school site and the office of the school counselor.
    • Any individual reporting an incident of bullying may also do so by using the See Something Say Something reporting link. A link to See Something Say Something is available on the desktop of every student and staff members' school issued electronic device.
    • Reports may be made anonymously; however, no formal disciplinary action will be taken solely on the basis of an anonymous report.

See Something Say Something

  • You can report a bullying incident here.


    By calling 405-366-STOP


    Download the free P3 Tips App on your Apple or Android device.


Bullying Prevention FAQ's


Stop Bullying

  • The Bullying Prevention Training Center has developed a research-based training course for parents, educators and stakeholders on leading bullying prevention efforts.

When MY child is the bully