About This Project

  • Norman Public School's three year design-based research study examined Guided Inquiry Design® and Making at three different levels and  various core subject areas. GID + Making were integrated into the regular curriculum during the regular school day. The grant afforded participating schools maker materials, technology, professional development, and instructional support.

Elementary Units

  • 1st Grade: Innovation & Adaptation

  • 2nd Grade Units: Symbols & Pollination

  • 5th Grade Units: Disruptions & Unification

Middle School Units

  • 6th Grade Social Studies: Physical Systems & Environmental Challenges

  • 7th Grade Language Arts: Peace Prescription & Take a Stand

  • 8th Grade Science: Sustainability & Waves

High School Units

  • Physical Science: Alternative Energy & Electro-Magnetic Spectrum and Waves

  • English 2: Social Justice & Culture and World Literature

  • Algebra 2: Quadratics & Social Issues Statistics