Safety Features

  • safety features

    Our fleet is up-to-date with state-of-the-art safety features including:

    • Improved visibility and with advanced mirror systems that are heated for winter and rainy weather
    • 360-degree aerial (birds eye) camera system, including a rear vision camera for backing up, enables the driver to have a live view around the bus when loading and unloading students
    • Black hoods that reduce glare for drivers, eliminating blinding light
    • Tinted windows reduce glare and improve climate control throughout the year
    • Two STOP signs (1 in front of the bus, and 1 at the rear) have increased visibility when loading/unloading students on roadways
    • Lighted front/rear SCHOOL BUS signs have increased visibility at night and in early morning routes
    • New collision and lane departure warning systems
    • Exclusive use of Michelin open-shoulder tires has improved traction, reduced hydroplaning