Activity Absences

  • All students are allowed 10 activity absences per class period each academic school year. Excluded from this number are state and national levels of school-sponsored contests.

    Once a Norman Public Schools student reaches seven (7) activity absences in any one class period for the current school year, he or she must begin the application process for an extension beyond 10 days. To be eligible for consideration of an absence extension, students must be passing all of their classes and submit a completed absence extension form to their appropriate principal. The form will then be reviewed by the NPS District Internal Review Board (IRB).

    Any student who exceeds the approved activity absences from the IRB in any one class period must apply for an additional extension(s). Students will not be allowed to exceed 15 activity absences for one school year, pursuant to the rules adopted by the State Board of Education on February 28, 2008.

    • Activity Absence Extension is not required for elementary students
    • Activity Absence Extension for secondary students - form provided by secondary education office or school site as needed